This Is Where We Are

While we’re searching for at home learning solutions and programs, it’s important to remember to still be discerning. We need to ensure that the courses and systems being delivered are reliable and driven by scientific research.

Why am I concerned? Because student mental health during this unstable time needs our focus and attention. We need evidence-based programs that will positively impact how we treat ourselves and others – whether socializing or practicing social distance. Social distancing is producing high levels of stress and anxiety, increased cases of domestic violence, and worsening situations for young people and families are already suffering mental health challenges. Much like our hospitals and urgent care facilities, mental health services are being strained to capacity right now and that is likely to continue.

Inner Explorer is a scientifically researched automated daily mindfulness program. We’ve adapted to this crisis and have modified our school program to be an at-home family program. Virtual Social Emotional Learning programs need to attain standards that improve student lives –whether in the classroom or at home– and be grounded in proven scientific research. Let’s be extra vigilant in bringing the RIGHT programs into the home learning environment for our students; because this is where we are.

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(Photo courtesy of Discovery Education and LG Electronics, Experience Happiness)

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