What is Mindful Movement?

You move your body in various ways thousands of times a day. But how often do you move mindfully? What is mindful movement? You may practice mindful movement without even realizing it if you perform martial arts, dance, or yoga. When you perform these exercises you may be fully aware of the way your body moves while you are training, but what if you were to apply that awareness to every day motions? The idea of bringing awareness to the way you move is mindful movement.

Mindful movement is simply the act of moving your body in a mindful way. When you move mindfully you notice how your body responds to each shifting position. You concentrate on your body’s motion which helps you stay focused and in the present moment. You can bring mindfulness to any activity that you do, from washing the dishes, to brushing your teeth, to typing on the computer. The idea is to simply notice your body’s movement and be aware of how you are moving.

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you’re there? If you start practicing mindful movement this forgetfulness may lessen. Are you slouching at the computer? Did you stretch your leg too much? Are you fidgeting? You don’t necessarily need to correct your movements… you just need to be aware of them. Moving mindfully helps you become more present and puts you in a mindful frame of mind. Research has shown that mindful movement can help increase focus, improve sleep quality, and it even helps improve coordination. Maybe by practicing mindful movement you won’t stub your toe or bump into things so often! The more mindfulness you bring to your movements, the more awareness you can bring into your entire life.

– Michele Mundy

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