National Teachers’ Day- Say Thanks

As an adult, and especially a parent, I’ve always been appreciative and respectful of the teaching profession.  I haven’t always agreed with the people responsible for teaching my children at school. But I’ve been welcome to ask questions, share concerns, and when necessary courteously challenge them. There are multiple teachers, administrators and educational professionals in my extended family, so I know teaching is hard. Most are expected to be educators PLUS mentors, disciplinarians, counselors, health care providers, advocates, coaches and fans while balancing their responsibilities to parents, children and administrators. They are required to hold the attention of kids (for HOURS) that are used to constant entertainment from their electronic hand held devices. Teaching is not just a job, it’s a calling, and it’s national teacher day. So write a note, make a phone call, tweet, post or proclaim from your front steps and thank someone that taught you or your child.
And while you’re feeling grateful, jump in and thank those even less appreciated volunteers in your local Parent Teacher Association/Organization. The National PTA has been fighting for children’s rights, safety and healthcare for over 100 years. Your friends, neighbors and community members are spending their personal time fundraising to enhance student experiences. Your PTO is providing monies for supplies, events and activities that are not underwritten through the district school budgets.  These people work tirelessly – usually a select few for years – and they do it to benefit the teachers and students in your local school.  If you chose not to be a member of your local PTA, and you don’t have time to volunteer for their events or support their fundraisers, take a few minutes, and tell them “Thank You.” Those members have chosen to spend some of their (equally limited and precious) spare time improving the school environment for your children and their teachers. Be grateful to the wonderful community of teachers and volunteers that are helping you in your efforts to raise amazing new humans.


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